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When does BB11 Start, When Will They Announce the New HGs for BB11?, When's the 1st Endurance Comp?, Why is ___ Allowed to be on their MySpace page?!, How Does PoV work?, What is AGP?, What does DR Mean?

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Brother 9 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are James' Blurred Tattoos?
What is Hummergate?
What was Allison's Allergy?
What's NSFW?
What's a Backdoor Nomination?
What does Lockdown mean?
What are all the Big Brother Acronyms?
I saw _______ on their myspace page!! How is that possible?
The Couch? The Blog? What's up with the matching?
What are the Quotes on the Walls of the BB9 House?
When Does BB Start?
What is the difference between the feeds you offer and the feeds on
Will there be Big Brother in the Summer too?
What about BB After Dark on Showtime?
Why Can't the HGs Sing?
Are the Endurance Comps shown on the Live Feeds?
What gets shown on the Live Feeds?
What doesn't get shown on the Live Feeds?
Why haven't you updated in a couple hours?
Why are the feeds in Black and White occasionally?
What does FotH Mean?
Why are the HGs already in the house for 5-6 days when the show starts?
What is the Real Schedule on the Live Feeds?
What are the HGs myspaces?
Which chatroom do the DishChicks use?
Why do you like the Live Feeds so much?
What time will the Overnight Report go up?
What is the Overnight Report?
You blog about BB 24/7. Don't you have a life?
My comment didn't get posted. What's up with that?
What's your myspace?
How can I advertise on your site?
I read through all the FAQ's and I still have a question.

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