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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What doesn't get shown on the live feeds?

Diary Room Sessions - although we had quite a few audio slip ups last season and a video slip as well...

Veto Comps - The feeds cut out for the duration of the veto competitions and come back on within a few minutes after the comp is over, at which point we learn who won, either by way of conversation amongst the HGs, or an actual visual of the Veto around someone's neck. Veto Comps are held on Saturdays, and the duration runs anywhere from 45 minutes to 4-5 hours... Ya just never know.

Food Comps - On rare occasion we'll see a food comp on the feeds, but very rare.

In general, comps are not shown on the feeds. During season 8, however, the luxury comp was shown.

Singing - When the HGs spontaneously burst out in song and don't immediately stop as instructed, the feeds will cut out momentarily.

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